Panda (and Possum)

Panda (and Possum)
Panda (and Possum)
Panda (and Possum)
Panda (and Possum)

About Me

I’m Panda and I would like to live with you, please. Oh and my brother Possum has to come too. As long as there are tasty things, we’ll be your best friends, okay?

This is Possum’s profile, but trust me, he’s cool, okay?

We found ourselves in the POUND! We were hopping around the neighbourhood together, like we owned the joint, two friendly young buns… and got taken for a trip to the pound in a hessian bag.

Our family didn’t come to get us, so we landed in foster care with WA Animals.

We settled into our foster home pretty quick, we got most of the dirt out of our fur, our ears were cleaned and our wounds (likely from another rabbit) checked.

Yes I know – I have one ear up, one ear down! Helicopter ears!

I am more confident than my brother even though I am slightly smaller.

I am happy to have a head scratch, enjoy being brushed and was cleaned quite a bit with baby wipes when I was taken into foster care which I really appreciated.

I am always the first to eat for breakfast and dinner and to explore new things.

We’ll do our best to guard your home but really we just like to chill. We love bunny toys (or small baby toys from the op shops!), cardboard, shredded paper and hopping in places that make loud noises in the night; such as the bath tub ☺

We are working on our litter training and getting good at it. Cos we are boys; a higher storage container is more beneficial in catching our business.

Our foster carer has dogs and rabbits; though we are still getting used to barking noises.

Want to Adopt me?

We are currently located in Alkimos.

We are available for adoption now! Our adoption fee is $250 for the pair of us – this includes desexing, microchip, vaccination, flea and worming.

We also come with a one-month trial, refund if not suitable – if you don’t fall in love! You can also stay in touch with our foster carer in case you have any questions or concerns. I am sure she would love to look after us if you go on holidays; that’s how loveable we are!

Please email, message or call the rescue today to meet us! We can’t wait!