About Me

Grace is a character and a total sweetheart. She is affectionate and playful. She was a colony cat who has come such a long way in rescue.

She likes to follows her carers around the house and tends to sit around or between their legs when they stand still. She is tolerant of children from all ages and is cat friendly. She tolerates dogs and prefers a calmer dog than a dog that’s in her face all the time.

Grace has a loud purr and makes a quiet chirping noise when she talks to you. She is litter trained and using the scratching post.

Grace will make your heart melt with her little tufts of hair on her feet and her loveable personality. There is so much to love about her and she will love you.

Want to Adopt me?

She needs a home that understands where she has come from. She is still a little bit skittish at times but has adapted well in her carers home with a toddler and 10 year old.

If you feel that you are the perfect person/family for this girl then please let me know. It would be so good for her to be in her furever home for Christmas. She really does deserve it.