About Me

Meet Franz 😺💜
Could I come home with you?

I am a cat-friendly, dog-friendly feline who was left behind in the pound. Don’t mind my grumpy face, I am a total smoocher.

My favourite thing to do is sleep and then sleep some more. Foster kitties run all over me and the dog barks at the door but I just stay sleeping! I love pats and cuddles but will tell you when I have had enough by hitting your hand away (no claws), so I can go back to sleep.

When you come home, I’ll get up, stretch, meow at you, walk over and rub against your legs. Then curl back up for more zzz’s.

I would suit most homes but would prefer if you had kids that they were a little older and will understand when I have enough.

Want to Adopt me?

My adoption fee is $150 and this includes desexing, vaccinations, microchipping and transfer, flea and worm treatment.

If you would like to meet me, please email