Kitten Adoption Drive – $195 for kittens 12 weeks and up!

Adolescents adoption price reduce to $195 until Sunday 31st March!

We would love for the teenage kitties in our care to find their furrever homes! The adolescents we have range from 4-6 months old. Their personalities are all beautiful and are suited to homes with kids, cats and dogs unless otherwise stated.

The benefits to adopting a teenage kitten:

  • ✅ Toilet Trained
  • ✅ Personality is set (so you know what your getting)
  • ✅ Adaptable to different home settings
  • ✅ Still as adorable!
  • ✅ Lower price includes all vet work; sterilisation, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment!

If you would like to meet any of our teenage kitties please get in contact with us today! 😊

Interested in adopting one of us?

The cats featured below are just a selection!


The best cat ever! But a bit of a rascal. Purrs all day long and likes to climb things. Once escaped the enclosure at an adoption event. He’s affectionate, gentle, playful and great with dogs, cats and kids. Absolutely loves spending time with you, cuddling on the couch. He is the complete package and would make a great addition to the family.
Come meet him in Thornlie!

Located in: Bentley


Beautiful girl who is shy at first but a rascal and a lap cat once settled in! Olive is a gorgeous and very sweet girl who loves to play and cuddle
She is seeking a home that is a bit calmer and someone who understands she will take some time to show her true colours.
She is good with other cats, but dogs can be a bit much for her.

She was found living in a roof with her mum.



Sally is cool. A beautiful FEMALE ginger with white tuxedo chest and socks. Very playful and a snuggler once she knows you.

Canning Vale


Would you enjoy meals cooked by a famous chef? Then we introduce to you, Gordon Ramsay!

Our Gordon doesn’t know how to cook but he certainly knows the recipe to your heart. He will not call you a panini head but instead will purr on your head.

Gordon is searching for a home of his own and would be suitable to be homed with kids, cats and dogs. He is great with everything.



Smoochiest smooch who ever did smooch!


Felix is a funky fellow who will fit into any home.



An absolute gem of a kitty! Loves to sleep the day away on your bed.

High Wycombe


Paulie is cool, really. Look at his funky markings! He’s not a big fan of dogs but isn’t scared. If introduced slowly, he’ll tolerate them. He loves everyone else.


Purrs as soon as you LOOK at him.


Can be as grumpy as he looks in this photo – if his food bowl is empty.

South Perth


Moet is a sweet little snuggler! And check out that mustache!

St James


Bailey is a sweet and confident girl who will play with you for hours. She likes to chat with you and follow you everywhere. Bailey loves being cuddled and scratched under the neck is her favourite! She likes other cats and doesn’t mind the dog.


Shy at first but purrs loudly and flops over once she knows you.


Shy at first but a chatty girl once settled in. Rosie is a pretty grey girl searching for a quiet home to call her own. She has been fostered with small kids, a big dog and other kitties, but would prefer her forever home to have big kids and a calmer atmosphere. She loves the company of other cats and is a sweet girl who really comes out of her shell in the right environment.



Perfect darling! Chai is the sweetest boy! He is the smoochiest and loves nothing more than to hang out with you all the time. He gets on with other cats and dogs (slow introductions best). He also loves children.


Adorable short-legged boy with a sensitive stomach.

Playful and affectionate. Good with other cats, kids and dogs.

He is going to be a small cat as has stumpy little legs!


Leo is purrrsonality plus! He adores people and loves nothing more than being around his humans. Like a typical kitten Leo also enjoys to play and loves climbing up and down his cat tower. He gets on with cats, dogs and kids. He is suitable to most home environments!

Leo had an accident when he was younger and pierced his eye on something. This resulted in his eye forming scar tissue. We thought he was going to need it removed but he went to an eye specialist, and with treatment his eye was able to be saved! He now has the all clear and a doctors note to take to his furrever home. Leo will only ever have partial vision in that eye but will live a completely normal mischievous ginger cat life. Indoors only though!


I am a very vocal and playful kitten.
You may not be able to tell in my photo but I have a deformed front leg (see video in comments).
Apparently the bones in my leg didn’t form properly, so I’m missing my radius (or is it my ulna?) and some wrist bones.
But I’m not in pain and it does not hinder my need to act crazy playful! The vet said I don’t need any special treatment – when I’m older I probably won’t even put my funny leg on the ground to walk, as it’s shorter than the others. I use it now because I’m still learning.
My foster parents tell me I’m the most playful of my brothers and sisters and a little purr monster when I am cuddled.
I love food and I love to play everything that I can get my paws on.
I would love to have another kitten with me to play with.


Smoochy black floof. Sooty is the sweetest boy! He is a bit camera shy so hard to get a photo of. He has the best personality, all he wants to do is cuddle and be around his people. Sooty also enjoys playing with his foster siblings too. Sooty would make the best addition to any household.



As much fun as she looks, sleeping in the washing machine.


Shy at first, easily won over with tasty treats. Felicia has it all- the looks, the charisma, and the fluffiness. Although not being totally keen on being held, she is keen for pats and will come out of her shell once she trusts you. She is a sweet little girl who enjoys playing with other kitties.


A sassy little darling. Win her over quickest with food too!


Shy at first, would prefer a quiet home. A playful, pretty girl who loves the company of other cats. After a rough start to life she is still learning to trust humans, but does enjoy being held, having a good cuddle and settles down when shown affection.


Adventurous, cuddle-machine. And a fluffball.



Huge purrs, huge cuddles, huge personality!

Interested in adopting one of us?

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